Azure Shore Screensaver

Azure Shore Screensaver

Animated screensaver featuring a scene on the beach

Beaches and sea are the vacation destination of choice for many people. They convey a relaxing and peaceful feeling, nicely retained by this screensaver. It features a beautiful photograph of a beach scene, completed with good animated effects of moving water and floating clouds. It also has a convincing set of sound effects that adds to the general feeling conveyed by the program.

It has a simple control panel that allows you to configure some of its settings. For example, you can increase or decrease the speed of the animated effects, as well as stretch the program's image to fit your screen. Also, it is possible to turn on/off the sound effects. Sadly, as with all the screensavers offered by this site, this one has the huge disadvantage of requiring users to install the ScreensaversList toolbar and change their web browser's homepage to the company's website. Although you can undo these changes anytime, this can be really annoying, so you may want to think twice before installing the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Nice background


  • Its installation wizard requires you to install the ScreensaversList toolbar and changes your browser's home page
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